February 26, 2024

The Marvel Universe is filled with some of the best and brightest superheroes in fiction. Characters like Black Panther and Reed Richards are some of the smartest men in their universe. While being smart often means people look to them first for answers, it also means something else: they have tons of cool gadgets.

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These heroes have some of the best gadgets that can help them in nearly any situation. From weapons to teleportation devices and even armor that lets them survive in space, they’ve got it all. While having cool gadgets might not always make the hero, they’ve certainly never hurt either.

10/10 Reed Richards Keeps Both Dangerous & Helpful Gadgets Around

Reed Richards as Mr. Fantastic against a city background

Reed Richards comes up with new inventions so often it’s possible he doesn’t even think to name them anymore. Often considered to be the smartest man on Earth, he’s managed to buy his own building off the ideas he’s bothered to patent.

Reed’s most enduring invention involves the discovery of Unstable Molecules. These molecules can be used to craft special costumes that work with The Fantastic Four’s unique powers. Outside the costumes though, he’s also made a habit of keeping the Ultimate Nullifier around. The Nullifier is capable of eliminating any creature in existence at the cost of the user’s life.

9/10 Black Panther Has Daggers Made Of Pure Energy

Black Panther

Considering everything else T’Challa is capable of, it feels unfair that he’s also a genius on top of that. With that in mind, it’s not surprising he’s constantly bringing cool new gadgets onto the field. His Black Panther Habit is already impressive enough thanks to the vibranium weaved into it, making it impossible to be stabbed or shot.

However, that’s not the only trick T’Challa brings around. He’s able to perfectly disguise himself thanks to technology in the suit, making him appear invisible for a time. He can create a shield made out of hard light to defend people around him and even has a teleporter when needed. Offensively, he focuses on using vibranium to create daggers of pure energy, which tends to get the job done.

8/10 Amadeus Cho Created A Three-Piece Suit That Gave Him Powers

Amadeus Cho in Brawn form.in Marvel Comics

These days, Amadeus Cho’s more known for his escapades as Brawn. While he relies on his super-strength for much of his hero work, he’s still one of the smartest people on the planet. He was able to invent a way to drain most of the gamma radiation from Bruce Banner, absorbing it into himself.

Amadeus also has a special device that allows him to transform into the Hulk at will. Prior to his time as Brawn, he invented a three-piece suit entitled “Calvin Klein.” The suit granted him flight, force fields for protection, and super-strength, allowing him to go on heroic adventures even without powers of his own.

7/10 Nadia Van Dyne Reinvented The Wasp Wings To Work At Human Height

Nadia Pym Wasp Pym Particles

Nadia Van Dyne was introduced to the Marvel Universe only a few years ago, but she’s already made a huge impact. She’s established a lab where some of the brightest young women are free to create. Like her father, Nadia has an incredible talent for making cool gadgets.

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She reverse-engineered plenty of her father’s inventions, improving on them. One of her coolest inventions was creating a pair of wings that can be equipped to anyone. Though Hank invented something similar, Nadia’s version can even be used without someone shrinking first, meaning they don’t need Pym Particles.

6/10 Forge Has Invented Guns That Can Take Out The Hulk

Forge X-Men Marvel Comics - Dungeons and Dragons Artificer Inspiration

Some mutant powers aren’t as visible as others. Forge’s powers basically make him capable of instinctively understanding how machines and technology work. With powers like that, it’s not surprising that Forge is capable of creating some incredible inventions.

Forge’s most dangerous gadget by far though has been a gun that could completely rob mutants of their powers. His other inventions have been quite useful though, including flash grenades inspired by Dazzler’s powers, bobby pins that can emit dangerous electric attacks, and guns that can take the Hulk out.

5/10 Madison Jeffries Created A Device To Make One Immune To Telepathic Influence

Madison Jeffries working on robots

Madison Jeffries is one of a handful of super-geniuses working with the X-Men. His special abilities allow him to communicate with all forms of technology, or even merge with it if necessary. With abilities like that, it’s not surprising he’s constantly making up cool new toys.

Madison’s made his own robotic armor he can merge with, but he’s also created custom armors for his co-workers as necessary. Perhaps his most impressive gadget though is one that allows anyone wearing it to be immune to telepathy. That’s something that has to be quite helpful for someone who lives with so many mind-readers.

4/10 Moon Girl Makes Gadgets In Her Garage That Compete With Billionaires

Moon Girl in her special battle outfit

It’s pretty hard to become the smartest person on the planet without some cool gadgets. Lunella specializes in genius-level tech that looks like it was built in someone’s garage. Over the years, she’s crafted a number of inventions to help her on her adventures.

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Some have been a little impractical, like the Fan-Cannon that was meant to keep Terrigen Mist away from people. Others have been ground-breaking, like her inversion-gravity boots that allow her to walk on walls. The only thing holding Lunella back from being the best inventor in Marvel by a wide margin is her relative lack of resources.

3/10 Bruce Banner Is Constantly Making New Inventions To Make His Life Easier

Indestructible Hulk armor comics

Bruce Banner is easily one of the smartest members of the Marvel Universe. He’s worked for SHIELD, designing items that could revolutionize the world with ease. He’s also got his own line of gadgets known as “BannerTech,” which make him an impressive superhero even without being the Hulk.

He has a Gamma Powered force field generator capable of defending him from the Juggernaut, meaning he’s safe even in human form. He’s also invented drone spybots capable of scanning anyone near him, and a gun that ran off a mix of Gamma energy and Old Strong power that has enough power to wipe out even superpowered individuals if he wants.

2/10 Hank Pym Kept Making New Inventions To Give Himself More Powers

Wasp Hank Pym

As a hero, Hank Pym’s skill was in his inventions more than anything else. Depending on his identity, Hank has shown an entirely different array of tricks. As Ant-Man, he relies on a special helmet to help him communicate with insects.

As Yellowjacket, he gains special insect-like wings that let him fly, and a pair of special goggles that let him instantly analyze any problem he sees. Offensively, Pym relies on a gun he designed which can transform part of his aura into a stun beam. His incredible inventions allowed him to be an invaluable member of the Avengers.

1/10 Iron Man Has Shoved Countless Gadgets Within His Armor

Tony’s created the ultimate gadget in the Iron Man armor. Meant to protect him so he could escape capture, Tony Stark has refined the Iron Man armor time and again, creating cool new items along the way. At one point, he was able to fit the entire armor inside an attaché case, allowing him to carry it anywhere.

Inside the suit itself, he’s shoved every kind of gadget from hologram generators to roller skates. He’s also created hard light holograms that resemble the Iron Man armor when he’s not wearing it. Outside the Iron Man armor though, he’s also created flying cars to help him travel when he doesn’t feel like playing superhero.

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