March 2, 2024

Batman is without a doubt the most popular DC hero, despite him being a regular person inside a suped-up suit. However, many fans have caught themselves wondering over the years how his skills would compare to the MCU’s most powerful Avengers.

Though Batman is a well-respected hero in the DC universe, there have been quite a few times where Batman shows his inexperience. His motivation for helping people is admirable and he can be quite crafty with his gadgets, but there are a few MCU superheroes that would give him a run for his money.

Win: Iron Man

Iron Man

Given that Iron Man makes the most appearances throughout the MCU movies, it’s pretty evident just how necessary and powerful he is as a superhero. Additionally, Tony Stark is a literal genius, as he knew how to craft his suit and gadgets.


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Though some would argue that Batman is just as tech-savvy, Iron Man also brings street smarts and significantly more impactful inventions. For instance, Iron Man can fly through the air and blast enemies with his unibeam and at the end of the day, Batman is just a regular guy in a durable suit.

Lose: The Hulk

The Hulk

Though The Hulk’s immense strength is undeniable, Batman has been around the block a few times when it comes to fighting massive and powerful monsters. While fans would think Batman would be at a disadvantage against a superhuman giant as a mere human, Batman would know how to use his special gadgets to render The Hulk powerless.

In both the games and the films, Batman’s main strategy against massive enemies seems to work quite well: Don’t fight these creatures head-on, just evade, distract, and use gadgets like the Batarang or the Electrical Charge if applicable to slowly wear them down.

Win: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

When it comes to Doctor Strange’s unique abilities, his powers are some of the most powerful skills a hero, or even a villain, could have. When put up against Batman’s combat skills, the bat would simply have no chance.

Between Strange’s lengthy abilities of time travel, illusions, hypnotism, to even immortality, Batman is no match. Though Batman would attempt to put up a good fight, it’s still a no-brainer who would come out on top.

Lose: Loki


Though Loki is pretty powerful and could have the advantage of the multiverse on his side, Batman is used to tricks. He would see right through Loki’s cunning nature and could see a few steps ahead of him even.

Not to mention if he were to ever come into close contact with Loki, Batman would undoubtedly win, as Loki is not at all skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Loki is not an easy force to go up against, but fans could see Batman outsmarting him.

Win: Thor


Though both heroes are pretty strong in terms of build, there are obvious differences between the two and their capabilities. Besides the obvious fact that Thor is a literal all-powerful God, he has a mighty hammer, Mjölnir, that can bring on the force of lightning strikes, which would be impossible for a human to withstand, even in a protective batsuit.

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All in all, Thor’s swift superhuman abilities would undoubtedly wipe out Batman in the blink of an eye.

Lose: Black Widow

Black Widow

When it comes down to it, Black Widow would perform at the same level as Joker’s thugs in the Batman games. Though Black Widow is no doubt a hardcore gal, Batman is highly experienced in combat and can even take armed enemies down.

There have been quite a few female fighters who have come quite close to defeating Batman, so it wouldn’t be an automatic loss for Black Widow. However, knowing Batman’s extensive experience in combat and street smarts, it’s safe to say he could probably beat Natasha with no problem.

Win: Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Considering fans of the MCU have suspected for a while that Wanda is the most powerful hero, it’s not even up for debate if she would beat Batman in a fight. Between her almost single-handedly taking down Thanos herself and all of the factors she was able to control in WandaVision, there’s no doubt she could quickly annihilate any human force.

Some may argue that Batman could have an advantage against her if he caught her in an emotionally vulnerable spot where he could distract her. However, many of her fans would also argue that Wanda is in her most powerful state when she feels backed into a corner with nothing to lose.

Lose: Captain America

Captain America

Cap is quite the fierce fighter, between his incredibly durable shield and his strength when it comes to combat skills. Unfortunately, Steve Rodgers doesn’t have as much experience when it comes to complicated gadgets.

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Given the fact that Captain America is an “old school” type of fighter, it’s very possible that fans would get a good fight between the two. However, Batman has an advantage against Cap with his wide array of smart technology, making it highly possible to win against the Avenger.

Win: Thanos


Possibly the most obvious win, Thanos is an all-powerful villain who would take down Batman in the blink of an eye. Especially if the Titan-native had his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet at the time of the fight against the fight, then it would be irrefutable that Thanos would take the win.

Though Batman has experience in fighting massive and powerful villains, it would be almost impossible to go against his strength, much less outsmart or distract Thanos.

Lose: Ant-Man

Ant Man

Although Ant-Man has the advantage of growing and shrinking, he has to rely on science to execute those abilities. Fans could easily see Batman coming up with a special gadget to counteract that power, rendering Ant-Man useless against him.

Additionally, Scott Lang is less serious of a character anyway that could never quite make it into the Avengers. If he isn’t even considered one of the best heroes among his peers, there’s realistically no way he could beat Batman in a fight unless a stroke of luck were to happen to not allow Batman to rise to the occasion.

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