March 3, 2024

This is a time of year when health and fitness editorials are wont to read like motivational memes: “Your life is an open book and only you can write the words that fill its pages… And the first chapter is new year’s day!” Really, it’s enough to make anyone want to go back to bed with a Toblerone.

So we’ll spare you the cliches. Instead, enjoy a quick browse of our latest issue, on sale now. From an exclusive interview with The Rock at 50, to our rundown of the UK’s best gyms for 2023, plus an in-depth look at men’s increasingly complicated relationship with diet, we hope you’ll find something to inform, entertain and – crucially – inspire.

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Cover Interview: The Rock

Mr Dwayne Douglas Johnson is entering his fifties – or what he calls his ‘fifth level’ – in the best shape of his life. In this rare interview, he explains how he has made that possible, and why, above all else, it’s essential you stay true to yourself, even if it means being the bad guy every once in a while.

Inside The UK’s Best Gyms

A great gym should be more than just a place to sweat; it should inspire and empower. For men who want more from their workouts, Men’s Health has done the heavy lifting to compile this guide to the venues most worthy of your patronage.

The Best Tech Of 2023

Looking to upgrade your tools this year? Now, more than ever, you need to know you’re making the best investment for your budget. These next-gen gadgets, tried and tested by the MH team, will help you play, sweat and relax better in 2023 – and beyond.

Eddie Jones’ Last Stand

If ever there was a manager in professional sport who could be relied upon to speak his mind, it’s Eddie Jones. But the occasionally brusque manner belies a keen emotional intelligence. In this interview – conducted amid media speculation that his position was under threat – he spoke exclusively to Men’s Health about mental strength and the pursuit of perfection.

The Hunger Games

Diet culture has always been curiously gendered. Self-restraint, abnegation, mad regimens, fad science – these were once thought the preserve of ‘neurotic’ women. But something has shifted. From keto to paleo, experimental fasters to tech-bro biohackers, today’s food ascetics are looking distinctly… male. Do you see yourself on the scales And if so, how did we become what we don’t eat?

6 Workouts For Mental Fitness

Low on motivation? Then the body part you need to target in your next workout is the one between your ears. With a little know-how, your new-year training sessions can help you sweat out stress and add muscle to your mental resilience. Try these six mood boosters for a lift.

Can You Handle The Silent Treatment?

How do you challenge the man who’s up for anything? You task him to do nothing. MH’s fitness editor signed up for a 10-day silent Buddhist retreat. It turned out to be the most gruelling endurance event he’s ever attempted.


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