March 1, 2024

International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year to celebrate women and the power of womanhood. The day revolves around the love, sacrifice, courage, dedication that the women offer during their lifetime. This year, make the women in your life, mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, teacher, wife, colleague or anyone else by gifting her a special well-thought gift. Instead of buying the usual, try to buy a gift that most suits their personality and liking. We have curated a list of a few gift ideas according to the women’s personalities and likes. In which category do your special women fit the best into?

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Women’s Day gifts for the special women in your life

7 Unique Gifts To Buy This Women’s Day 2023 As Per The Personalities

1. For Art-Lovers

Finding the perfect gifts for the creative minds or art-lovers is a comparatively easier task as they usually love the art supplies. Buy colour palettes, acrylic or oil colours, paintbrushes, sketchbooks or charcoal painting supplies to surprise the art lovers.


Gift an art kit for art-lovers

2. For The Nerds

For the bookworms, apart from gifting their favourite author’s latest releases or limited edition hardcover copies, you can even think of gifting them portable bookshelves or bookends so that they keep their prized possessions safely.

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Hardcover books for the book-lovers

3. For Travel Enthusiasts

For the women who love to travel and are always on the go when they have a chance to, choose from travel pillows, personalised passport covers, quirky luggage bag or multi-purpose backpacks.


Backpacks for travel enthusiasts

4. For The Ones Who Love To Bake

If the special woman in your life loves baking, they would appreciate your buying them new baking appliances or tools. You can also try gifting them cookbooks or a baking session where they can have a good time baking to their heart’s content.


Buy baking appliances for those who love baking

5. For Workout Fanatics

For those women who love their gym workouts or yoga and focus on keeping themselves healthy and fit, the ideal gift would be cool athleisure outfits, yoga mats, fitness gadgets, sippers or cool workout shoes.


Comfortable athleisure for workout fanatics

6. For Tech Savvy

For those women who love to be in vogue and keep their knowledge and usage of technology in trend, gifting smart watches, ear pods, fitness belts or bluetooth speakers as per their liking is a good idea.


Gift smart watch to the tech savvy

7. For Beauty Hoarders

Beauty products and makeup can be the weakness of many. If your special woman is someone who loves to collect and hoard beauty products, gift her the perfect makeup kit as per her brand preferences. From eyeshadow palettes to contours, lip colour shades to nail paints, there is something for every beauty enthusiast.


Gift makeup kits to the beauty enthusiasts

What would be the perfect gift for your special lady this Women’s day 2023?

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