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While there are countless ways to get rid of targets in Hitman 3, some methods of assassination are more clever, created, and complicated than others.

Hitman 3 delivered an explosive and well-polished end to the critically acclaimed World of Assassins trilogy, and a big part of this sterling reception comes down to just how cool and creative many of Agent 47’s assassinations can be. Although Hitman 3 had a rough launch on Steam, it’s likely to be remembered by players for its creative puzzle structure and unique approach to stealth gameplay that is much more than crouching and pulling a trigger. Some kills can certainly be run-of-the-mill, but players who take the time to master each level are sure to find plenty of shocking, ingenious, and hilarious ways to get rid of targets.


As its name suggests, the World of Assassins trilogy sends players to various destinations across the world, tasking them with inconspicuously killing powerful men and women. Because it is a globe-trotting adventure spanning three games, Hitman levels can be set in lavish parties, underground clubs, run-down urban neighborhoods, and even tranquil suburbs. More impactful than the stunning ray-tracing-integrated levels of Hitman are the opportunities that these levels offer when it comes to shedding blood.

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Hitman 3 took significant steps forward in this regard, as now-iconic levels like Berlin and Mendoza come with plenty of new options for creative players. Indeed, it seems that developer IO Interactive were happy to loosen up the restrictions with this triumphant third entry, delivering some of the wackiest and most memorable assassination methods yet. These new opportunities, coupled with additional gadgets and tweaked AI, mean that Hitman 3 players can pull off a laundry list of laudable disposals.

Hitman 3’s “Pulp Friction” Is One Of Its Brutal & Ridiculous Assassinations

Hitman 3: Agent 47's Coolest & Most Creative Assassinations [FULL]

Apart from having one of the best names amongst the specialty assassinations, Pulp Friction is a kill that serves up some appropriately gory and brutal violence that fits well with some of the Hitman franchise’s weirdest content. This kill can be performed at the Mendoza map, which takes place on a picturesque vineyard at sunset. As is to be expected, Agent 47’s intentions reach beyond wine-tasting and mingling, as he is tasked with disposing of Tamara Vidal. This character can be killed in one of the processing houses of the vineyard by pushing her into a commercial grape press, crushing her into a fine paste. Needless to say, this is one of the more grotesque and unsettling methods available in Hitman 3.

In “One For The Ages”, Agent 47 Crosses From Hitman To Detective

Hitman 3: Agent 47's Coolest & Most Creative Assassinations

The Dartmoor level in Hitman 3 is one of the most popular thanks to its dreary aesthetic, a classic British setting that may draw comparisons between Hitman‘s Agent 47 and James Bond, and its unique gimmick that sees players assume the role of a private detective solving a murder. Of course, Agent 47 is a man who (literally) wears many hats, and players can also take on a disguise of a professional photographer assigned to capture a family portrait for the Carlisle family. By taking a few extra, nefarious steps, however, this photoshoot can go horribly wrong for the affluent family.

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The photoshoot takes place in front of a fountain, which players can sabotage to create a seemingly innocuous puddle of water just under where the family matriarch and assassination target Alexa Carlisle is planning on posing for the photo. Damaging the camera’s electrical wiring will cause the puddle to carry a deadly current of electricity once the picture is taken, leading to a family portrait that is shocking in more ways than one. This kill is one of many that is perfectly punctuated by Hitman voice actor David Bateson’s performance, which adds a touch of deadpan humor and wit to the otherwise gruesome scene.

Agent 47’s “Angry Birdy” Assassination In Dubai Is One Of His Funniest

Hitman 3: Agent 47's Coolest & Most Creative Assassinations

Angry Birdy is particularly fun and creative thanks to how it incorporates the personality of Carl Ingram, one of the targets of Hitman 3‘s opening Dubai level. Ingram is known to be quite a temperamental man who blows off steam by taking part in the finer activities of life. Specifically, Ingram is a big fan of golf, and he has even set up a makeshift driving range atop his colossal UAE skyscraper, clearly indicating his lack of regard for the safety of those he views as literally and figuratively below him. After obtaining an exploding golf ball, Hitman players can get Ingram to play golf by taking advantage of his pet peeve: loud and persistent noises. Once he is thoroughly annoyed, Ingram will proceed to the roof to practice his swing. If the player has placed the exploding golf ball in the bucket, Ingram will be sent flying in a satisfying and cathartic explosion.

“Mnemonic” In Chongqing Is One Of Hitman 3’s Most Creative

Hitman 3: Agent 47's Coolest & Most Creative Assassinations

Hush is a Chinese scientist with a less-than-ethical approach to technological advancement and biohacking. His most recent endeavor sees him attempting to devise a form of “decision-manipulation” – essentially mind control. After infiltrating Hush’s secret testing facility and assuming the disguise of a reluctant test subject, players can engage in one of Hush’s experiments, wherein he attempts to take over Agent 47’s mind. Thanks to a cocktail of Hush’s work-weary condition and Agent 47’s brassbound will, players can continually resist the scientist’s attempts at mind control, effectively frying his brain in the process.

Aside from being a clean kill without the need for a Hitman bloodstain cleanup mechanic, this Hush assassination is the perfect blend of over-the-top, plausible, and predictable, at least to the point where astute players can form the plan on their own by observing various clues. It is also perhaps one of the least morally reprehensible killings in Hitman 3, as Agent 47 never actually takes direct action against Hush. Rather, it is the psychopathic scientist’s reckless ambition, arrogance, and blatant disregard for ethics and safe scientific practices that get him killed.

Hitman 3 assassinations are best when the player can avoid weapons altogether, focusing instead on setting off a domino effect that culminates in the death of a target. A truly great Hitman kill is one that makes the player feel as though they came up with the idea entirely on their own, despite the fact that the game always lays out very clear paths to each elimination. While there are a lot of ridiculous disguises in Hitman 3, the game also offers a number of surprisingly elegant, clever, and meticulously planned kills for players to pull off, making for truly creative, funny, and thought-provoking moments. If IO Interactive can include even a fraction of these unique and ingenious kills from Hitman 3 in the upcoming Project 007, the James Bond franchise is in great hands.

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