March 2, 2024

It’s that time of year when the debate of whether it’s acceptable to play holiday music before Thanksgiving rages on has subsided and Mariah Carey is on full blast. While I personally believe you can wait to blast your favorite holiday tunes, one thing I look forward to every year is shopping for holiday gifts – especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings lingering about, Along with purchasing big-ticket items, it’s also fun to pick up smaller stocking stuffers, gag gifts for present exchanges, holiday parties, or grab bags.


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Trying to find the best presents for gift giving events where the budget is nonexistent or fun stocking stuffers that aren’t just socks and candy can be tough. Gift cards are boring, but what else can you get for $10 or under? No need to worry, I searched all over Amazon for the best gadgets $10 or under that are bound to leave your recipient gleaming.

Best tech gifts $10 or under this holiday season

night light

Rienar Sensor LED Night Light

1. Best under $10 gadget overall

Add light to any room

Light up the room with this mushroom themed LED night light.


  • Cute design
  • Light sensored brightness
  • Quirky and personal on a budget

If you’re searching for a cute gift for your children or even your friends who may be a little scared of the dark, the Rienar Sensor LED night light makes for a cute stocking stuffer. The night light has three different colored mushrooms sticking out from the top of it with three leaves to match. The light brightness will automatically change depending on the light source brightness, but essentially, the darker the room, the brighter the light will shine. Of course, the night light won’t be as good of quality as higher-priced night lights, but all the Amazon reviews rate it 4.4 /5 stars.


Etekcity Luggage Scale

2. Best $10 gadget for travelers

No scale, no problem.

This portable luggage scale weighs your bags and lets you know when your baggage is overweight.


  • Portable
  • Relatively accurate

  • Can only handle up to a certain weight

Anyone who’s ever checked a bag in on a plane before knows the anxiety-inducing moment of standing in front of the bag drop desk hoping your bag is under the maximum weight. When I was packing my bags to move to London from New York, I tried weighing my bags on my bathroom scale the night before but still managed to mess up, which resulted in me having to pay an extra fee for an overweight bag. Etekcity’s portable luggage scale helps to eliminate all of this added stress.


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The handheld scale attaches to the handle of your luggage, and after you attach it, you simply lift your bag and the scale will show the weight of your bag. The luggage scale can handle up to 110 pounds and is relatively spot-on with its accuracy.

personal safety alarm

Vigorad Personal Safety Alarm

3. Best $10 personal safety device

Stay safe wherever you go

Vigorad’s Personal Safety Alarm will blare a loud alarm when triggered, helping you stay safe anywhere you go.

This alarm is perfect for younger children, teens and young adults. When pulled, the keychain alarm will blare a 130 decibel alarm and will start flashing. Plus, you can even use the device just as an LED flashlight.


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Additionally, the alarm easily attaches to any bag or fit in your pocket. Make sure to test the alarm before you use it, not just to make sure it works but also to make sure you know just how loud the alarm is. Just keep in mind the alarm is a bit sensitive, so there is a chance it will blare out of nowhere.

USB hub

Qwiizlab 5-in-1 USB Hub

4. Best $10 gift for multi-charging

Great for a multi-device multi-tasker

In desperate need of a USB hub adapter for your laptop? The Qwiizlab serves as an SD card reader and expands your USB port into three USB ports.


  • Expands USB ports
  • Acts as an SD card reader

One of the greatest downfalls of most Mac and PCs is the lack of SD card readers and USB ports for chargers and other wires. When I started my first job, my manager highly encouraged me to get a USB hub for my laptop and I still thank him to this day. The SD card reader along with the three other USB hubs makes uploading photos from my camera while doing other tasks so much easier. The USB hub works with USB-C and USB-A devices and on operating systems such as iOS, Windows and Chrome.


Monotremp Reading Light

5. Best $10 for avid readers

Read in the darkest rooms

$8 $10 Save $2

Clip this reading light onto your book and read wherever you want without disturbing others.


  • Long battery life
  • Bright light

There’s nothing better than settling down with a good book to end your night. On the flip side, there’s nothing worse than sharing a room with someone who needs the light on to read at night. The Monotremp Reading Light solves this dilemma. Simply attach the portable light to your book, and you can read anywhere you want without disturbing others.


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The rechargeable light has a battery life of 80 hours and has adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the light for any room you’re in. Give the gift of light this holiday season with the Monotremp Reading Light.

sd. card

SD Card Camera Reader for Apple Devices

6. Best under $10 gift for photographers

Download your pictures on the go

Connect this SD card reader to your Apple device and download your pictures to your device immediately.


  • Download digital photos straight to your phone
  • Convenient

  • Only compatible with Apple devices

Searching for a gift for the photographers in your life? This SD card reader makes for a great present for those who want to download photos directly on their phone from their digital camera.


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This card reader connects directly to your iPhone or iPad and allows you to browse your photos directly on your device. This reader comes in especially handy when you’re on a trip where you may not have your computer ready to download the photos from your SD card onto it. For only $9 this SD card reader is an easy and practical gift for the photographers in your life.

The bottom line: What are the best gadgets $10 and under?

At the end of the day it depends on who you’re shopping for. I think the best small gifts to receive are ones you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself but are still practical. My top pick from this list is the Rienar Sensor LED Night Light as it’s the perfect cute, but practical tech gadget that adds an extra flare to a ‘traditional’ night light.

night light

Rienar Sensor LED Night Light

Editor’s Choice

Add light to any room

Light up the room with this mushroom themed LED night light.


  • Cute design
  • Light sensored brightness
  • Quirky and personal on a budget

And given my avid travel habits and photography passion, I would buy either the Etekcity Luggage Scale or the SD Card Camera Reader for any upcoming grab bags or white elephants. The Etekcity Luggage Scale doesn’t just make a great gift for those constantly traveling but really for anyone who ever plans on going on a trip where they need to check a bag. The scale makes weighing your bag prior to your trip easy and eliminates any additional stress that comes along with pre-departure planning.

Additionally, the SD Card Camera Reader for Apple Devices makes uploading photos from your digital camera to your mobile device so much easier, making it a great gift for any camera owner in your life. Several times I’ve been away without my laptop, leaving me with no ability to quickly upload my photos to my devices; this SD card reader solves all those issues. Unfortunately, the reader only works for Apple devices, alienating any Samsung users, but other than that I have no complaints.

How did I choose the best gadgets under $10?

I chose the best gadgets based on both personal use and Amazon reviews. I wanted to make sure each gadget could appeal to a wide range of audiences and, despite the price of the products, weren’t cheap gadgets that would break after one usage. Several of the above products I own or have gifted and the others that I don’t have personal experience with have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. All the gadgets are practical and gender-neutral, making them great gifts for a wide range of people.

Why should I get an SD Card Reader for my iPhone or iPad?

An SD card reader for your iPhone or iPad allows you to open your files from your SD card directly on your device without having to upload photos to your computer and sending them from there. The SD card reader is particularly helpful for those who work a lot on their iPads or plan on going on a vacation without their laptop.

Does a personal safety alarm count as a weapon?

No! A personal safety alarm only blares an alarm when pulled that, aside from hurting your eardrums, doesn’t cause danger to you or anyone around you. Personal safety alarms are welcomed on any plane and are allowed in bars, clubs and other indoor spaces. Safety alarms won’t be able to protect you from danger but are meant to alert others of your location, hopefully warding off predators.


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