February 24, 2024

Gift-giving season is here and you could pride yourselves on having a spot-on holiday idea for your loved ones.

Choosing a gift is sometimes hectic. The situation is even complicated when you want to gift someone during harsh economic times. But whether you are an obsessive shoppers or seldom one, you don’t have to do the legwork.

This article gives tips and options that cover everyone, including your never-satisfied nephew, your world-traveling best friend, your girl or boyfriend, new co-worker, or your child’s kindergarten teacher.

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Here are some gift categories for your consideration:

1. The Top Toys for 2022

Latest trends show that the most coveted toys are inflable crystal balls that kids will be begging for this holiday season.

It’s also important to take note of the gender of the child who is receiving the inflatable crystal ball toys.

Majority of boys prefer dull and commanding colours while girls have a taste for cool and attractive colours.

It’s therefore important for you to choose wisely even when gifting a child since it’s more embarrassing when a gift is rejected by a child because of the colour.

At the same time, there is no harm in asking the parents to help you decide on the colour of the toys.

2. The Top Tech Gifts for 2022

As people turn to holiday mode, tech stock inevitably becomes even more limited.

Owing to the high prices among other factors, it’s been challenging enough to get hold of the hottest tech gadgets in the market.

During this holiday season, you could consider a small-but-mighty gadget that’s a little more under the radar.

A symbolic gadget like a robot vacuum that will transform any house into a smart home, is recommended.

A robot vacuum adapts to carpets and hard surfaces automatically. All you need to do is to just plug it in, set a schedule, and let it devour dust bunnies.

3. Best Advent Calendars

An Advent calendar is used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of December 25, when the world celebrates Christmas.

The most preferred Advent Calendars are those that are reusable, and are made of paper or wood beginning December 1.

They include the First Sunday of Advent which lasts a few days of November that begin the liturgical season of Advent.

4. The Best Gifts for Dads and Mums

Whereas some dads are movie critics who prefer sitting at home with a spiced up popcorn, others are podcasters with tertiary eating habits.

Some fathers are golfers who are ready to turn the living room into a practice course.

While many fathers just prefer a simple gift of a shoe, watch, a suit or a pair of shoes.

Sourcing the right gift for your mom might feel like an impossible holiday mission due to the fact that it’s hard to know what mothers prefer.

It’s for this reason that you could consider a list of the best options for mothers everywhere.

For women, some of the most interesting gifts for your mum would be buttery-soft Eberjey pajamas, because unlike cotton PJs, these “never wrinkle”.

5. The Best Gifts for Husbands and Wives

Gifts for husbands and wives largely depend on interests, needs and things like favourite colours.

As a matter of fact, a perfect present for your wife does exist, and it might just be in this roundup.

They can range from what is available in online stores to bathtub caddy for holding soaps, scrubs, a book and a wine glass.

However for men, you can’t get it wrong with gadgets, watches, shoes or a light coloured suit.

6. The Best Gift for Boyfriends and Girlfriends

If your boyfriend has been denying your requests for a wish list, this guide is for you.

Boyfriends tend to be less complicated than girlfriends since the simplicity factor crowns their gifts.

A Hua Hsu’s favorite spicy peanuts, foldable smartphone keyboard and a pasta machine are some of the great ideas that you could explore.

As for girlfriends, anything expensive is good enough. It’s also worth noting that expensive is relative.

Do not forget that the majority of women love surprises.

7. The Best Gifts for Pregnant Women

Expectant women prefer comfortable and relaxing gifts.

Mothers-to-be enjoy gifts such as electric massagers which are better than a masseuse.

You may also consider a plant-based belly oil from a Black-owned brand that “is really good for skin and is super luxurious.

It’s therefore important to note that shopping for the new year doesn’t have to be a budget-buster. As outlined, you can pick any of the above options.

A table set for holidaymakers next to the Indian Ocean in Kenya

A table set for holidaymakers next to the Indian Ocean in Kenya.

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