March 3, 2024

Yup, we aren’t kidding. You can enjoy new smartphones, laptops and tablets for less than the price of two tasty chicken rice meals, and even a Netflix or Disney+ subscription.

We want to floss cool stuff and create awesome things using the hippest gadgets around, but a tight budget can be a real downer. Here’s where ITEZ.SG, a unique Singaporean startup, has got your back, fam. You’ve heard of streaming subscriptions and gaming subscriptions. But how about device subscriptions? ITEZ.SG now invites you to take your pick from a range of subscription plans that entitle you to brand new devices like Lenovo and Surface tablets, HP laptops, and the latest Apple devices like iPads and the iPhone 13. ITEZ.SG subscriptions start from just S$9.90. The S$28.90 per month plan lets you get your hands on the latest iPad Air 5th Gen 10.9-inch Wi-Fi 64GB (retailing for approximately $800+).

Whether you’re an e-boy, e-girl or just someone who wants to make lit projects for work and play, ITEZ.SG has a variety of subscription plans that will let you use cutting-edge devices at uber affordable monthly fees. These low prices are fixed and interest-free, and don’t have any hefty deposit charges or hidden fees. Add-ons like mice, keyboards and Microsoft Office applications are available at an affordable price.

Subscribe, don’t buy

An ITEZ.SG subscription can beat buying a brand new device outright. First off, you’d be forking out two digits less of moolah – just think of all the chicken rice you’d be saving. Secondly, let’s talk about how fast newly purchased devices depreciate. They drop sharply in value the moment you take them out of the store. Sheesh. You might also be aware that many devices are designed to fail shortly after their warranties expire.

And it’s great to avoid the inevitable gadget problem – what happens to our tech devices after they break down or when new technological developments render them obsolete. The cost to repair them or upgrade them is usually priced at amounts that no rational person would pay, so said device joins a pile of dead devices that piles up and we move onto buying the next one.

For those of us who are Marie Kondo devotees or have space constraints, we bin the superannuated device. But, throwing away electronics instead of disposing them the correct (and tedious) way, is devastating to the environment. The metals of the device, for example, seep into our rivers and seas, and the liquids in batteries poison the ground.

Photo: ITEZ.SG

Smooth customer experience

Staying ahead of the tech curve is easy, affordable, and drama-free with ITEZ.SG, which has been featured in publications like HardwareZone and CNA938’s Tech Talk. Founded in 2021, this online platform provides a one-stop tech gadget subscription plan of up to 24 months, and accepts many different payment modes.

Subscribing to ITEZ.SG takes only three speedy steps, and its laptops come with hardware add-ons like mice and important software like antivirus programmes and Microsoft Office 365.

Free servicing and delivery

Don’t sweat about encountering problems when working, gaming or binge watching your favorite shows on your snazzy ITEZ.SG laptop. ITEZ.SG assists customers via a competent help center that has both email support and a live chat, and can also help with extra data security measures, migration and erasure.

An ITEZ.SG subscription also relieves you of maintenance problems. In the event when an ITEZ.SG device that you are holding on to needs servicing*, ITEZ.SG will take care of that free of charge. When customers are getting their devices diagnosed and serviced, they can request for a replacement device in the meantime. Now how many service centers do all these things for us? Furthermore, while most warranties last for one year, ITEZ.SG devices are all covered by 24-month warranties.

If you’d like to work, play and create with bleeding-edge technology, what are you waiting for? Signing up with ITEZ.SG is fast and easy, just click here. After you’ve selected the device or devices you want, they will be delivered to you within three working days and free of charge. The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X gaming desktop with RTX 3060 12GB, 16GB Ram and 500GB SSD, along with the Acer Aspire-5, HP Pav x360 and Asus ZenBook 13 with 16GB and 512GB storage have just been added to ITEZ.SG’s collection of available devices. Stay tuned because ITEZ.SG is continually expanding its range of available gadgets!

*Warranty covers servicing needed for manufacturing defects and does not cover damage due to accidental factors or mishandling.


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