March 3, 2024

When he starts having impure thoughts about his sidekick, Tek Knight ditches the kid and tries to get help, but his “faithful butler” ends up blabbing to the press about all his compulsions (as revenge for a non-consensual incident involving the butler’s ear). Tek Knight falls into disgrace and is fired from his own superhero team, but then he redeems himself when a meteorite is about to destroy the Earth, and he volunteers to fly into space and stop it … with his penis.

Tek Knight from The Boys announces he will have sex with a meteorite.

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This is also the plot of the Armageddon porno parody. 

Of course, Tek Knight’s heroically horny sacrifice wasn’t real — turns out he had a massive brain tumor and hallucinated the meteorite stuff right before dropping dead. DC actually took pre-orders for the issues starring Tek Knight but abruptly canceled the series before the first one could come out, despite strong sales and raving reviews. They even killed the collected edition for the issues they’d already published. Ennis and Robertson both said that there was no bad blood with DC and the comic simply wasn’t a good fit there, but we’re guessing the fact that they’d just turned the company’s most profitable hero into a sex maniac isn’t a coincidence. 

Fortunately, DC was cool about reverting the rights back to Ennis and Robertson, and they managed to find a new publisher within a few months. In the end, Ennis said that getting kicked out of DC was “the best thing that happened to the book” since he was able to write the series without constantly worrying about pissing off some Warner Bros. executive, although he made sure to note right away that “just because we’re at a new publisher does not mean that the book will turn into hardcore pornography” (to at least a few fans’ disappointment, no doubt).

The Boys ended up lasting 72 issues, plus various miniseries and not one but two TV shows (counting the animated spin-off). As for whether it actually lived up to its original tagline? In Ennis’ words: “Given that Preacher was never withdrawn from sale, I think we out-Preachered it in a swift six issues.” Excellent point

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