February 24, 2024

Smart products promise an independent, convenient lifestyle to people with mobility

Smart products are no longer just a luxury or amenity. They are now coming in handy for people with disabilities. Brands offering smart devices are now introducing products that allow disabled people to live an empowered and independent life. 

Over 80 million people suffer from disabilities in India. Lack of mobility is a major hindrance in the lives of these people and that’s why it is crucial to bring accessible products to light. Let’s quickly take you through easy-to-use, inclusive products for people with mobility challenges.

Loreal’s Motorised Lipstick

Loreal’s brand, Lancôme recently announced a motorised lipstick for people with limited hand and arm mobility. Reportedly, the lipstick comes with smart motion controls, 360 degrees and 180 degrees of flexion, customisable attachments and that help with precise application. According to Loreal, a single charge is good for 10 or more applications. The motorised lipstick gets fully charged in three hours. 

motorised lipstick loreal

Image Courtesy: Loreal

Françoise Lehmann, global brand president of Lancôme, in an interview said, “For years, Lancôme has sought to provide every woman with beauty solutions adapted to their needs. Beauty tech has enabled us to fulfil this mission in an even more powerful way, revolutionizing the way we develop beauty products and services and enabling greater personalization.” 

Loreal Brow Magic

brow magic loreal

Image Courtesy: Loreal

Based on Modiface AR technology, Loreal’s Brow Magic helps one achieve personalised eyebrows based on their facial features and natural brows in a jiffy. The product comes with 2400 small nozzles and a printing resolution of up to 1200 drops per inch as per reports. The user will be able to remove the brow tattoo with a regular makeup remover. 

One just needs to open the app, scan their face with the Modiface brow reader, select the desired shape, thickness and then brush the primer through their brows. Lastly, move the printer across the eyebrow in a single motion. The product is expected to be launched in 2023. 

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Nike’s Go FlyEase Sneakers

Nike’s first-ever, hands-free sneakers became the talk of the town when they were first announced. The sneakers come with a slip-on mechanism, thoughtfully designed for people with disabilities. The sneaker has a tensioner that wraps around the midsole, allowing the person to slide the shoe on and off with utmost ease. 

go fly ease sneakers

Image Courtesy: Nike

Many don’t know that there is a heartwarming story behind the introduction of this no-lace, hands-free sneaker. In the year 2012, a 16-year-old boy, Matthew Walzer with Cerebral Palsy wrote to Nike that he dreams of going to college without worrying about who will tie his shoelaces through the day. In his letter, he wrote, “At 16 years old, I am able to completely dress myself, but my parents still have to tie my shoes. As a teenager who is striving to become totally self-sufficient, I find this extremely frustrating and, at times, embarrassing.” The letter inspired the team to create a sneaker that addresses the needs of people like him. 

Lash Wrap By Guide Beauty

Lash wrap by Guide Beauty gives great length and volume to eyelashes in a few strokes. The product comes with a comfortable grip applicator that steadies and guides the hand during the application. The lash wrap has a unique formula that wraps around each lash and then curls them from the root itself. One just needs to clasp the product between their index and middle finger and swipe through the lashes. 

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Flex Collection, Kohl Kreatives

The brand offers a slew of disabled-friendly makeup tools. Its signature Flex Collection has five free-standing brushes with handles for an easy grip. These brushes are fully bendable and promise great comfort along with precision. 

Degree Deodorant For People With Disabilities

Last year, Degree released the world’s first adaptive deodorant. The product comes with enhanced grip placement and magnetic click closures, making it easier for people with mobility issues to use it. The deodorant has a big roll-on applicator that helps one reach a greater area in a single swipe. 

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