February 24, 2024


The Best Gifts for Tweens to Teens: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The Best Gifts for Tweens to Teens: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Tweens can be pretty challenging to buy during the holidays , especially when almost everything they want is app or tablet related. As parents of this age group, we get it. We, like you, have to research and give thought to the gift- it doesn’t matter if it is some small item or a significant gift- it all needs to be a hit and it wouldn’t hurt if we are also happy with the gift!
These 7 are all gifts that we adore for tweens to teens!

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Full of Life, Exploring Earth’s Biodiversity :Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Sara Gillingham

This creative book is a guide to Earth’s Tree of Life, a reference that scientists use to organize the many living things on our earth. The layouts are gorgeous, fun, loaded with cool facts, and a glossary of the species, plants and animals we share in our world. We love this book because it is perfect for a scientist lover and a kid who hasn’t yet explored our world! $24.95, phaidon.com.


Cup Noodles® Snack Attack Earbud Case Cover (Compatible With Apple AirPods®)

Parents resort to all sorts of maneuvers to have their kids not lose things…name tags, post-it notes, and these Cup Noodles® ramen earbuds case scream TWEEN! Best part id this fun case can be attached to the “snack attack” case to their backpack. $19.99, claires.com.


This woman-owned company’s mission is to show girls stories of mighty women who have trailblazed a path before them. Through crafts, girls can learn the stories of remarkable women. The site is pretty cool where you can choose a fantastic craft kit or two for your child. These crafts spark or grow your girl’s creativity while providing an opportunity to earn extra spending money, as each collection is perfect to jumpstart their first business. 8+, $29.99, kidscrafts.org.



Nick Jonas’ LINKEE

We love the Jonas brothers, and this Nick Jonas’ LINKEE is a fun yell-out-the-link trivia for your tween, their friends, and the entire family. How it works is you split into teams to solve the link between four quiz questions. There is a lot more to this game, but the gist of it is just old-school fun for a new generation! 12 +, $20, walmart.com.



Lite-Brite Wall Art Pop Wow!

The LITE-BRITE has been around for generations and has only improved with time. This 16 x 16 that consists of 6,000 colorful mini-sized pegs is a way for kids to chill and create 3 HD Pop Art designs that double as wall art. 14 +, $100, walmart.com.


©Disney Stitch Active LED Watch

Whether you have a 3year old or 13-year-old, this Stitch activity watch is also perfect for our tweens. This Digital LED will also track steps, how much distance has been traveled and calories burned (not that this matters – they are kids!) point is this is a fun watch under, 3+, $20. claires.com.



Wordle The Party Games

You dont need an app or to be on a screen to play this popular digital game. If you are not one of the obsessed Wordle players out there, how the game works is in each round, a player designated as the host writes down a secret word. Players get a few tries and in this game, players compete against each other. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins. 14+, $20, target.com.


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