March 1, 2024

The digital world is an ever-evolving mechanism. The same applies to monitoring software for mobile gadgets. Cell phone spy software is gaining momentum in terms of popularity. Especially frequent are requests for spy phone apps. The article below contains material on solutions for both Android and iPhone to help you figure out which of them is considered to be the top in 2023.

1. uMobix – Best Spy App for Android & iOS Overall

When you start looking for the best cell phone spy app to monitor someone’s activity, you usually realize that one of the leading services on the market is uMobix. Judging by users’ feedback, this is an advanced service with a great set of features.


Why Choose uMobix? Most Popular Features

The surveillance mentioned above is created under the newest technologies and offers more than 40 unique features. Here are the main possibilities of this tracking app that allows monitoring without jailbreak:

  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls
  • Checking the social media account activities of the target
  • Reading messages on chat apps
  • Viewing browser history
  • Keylogger
  • GPS location tracker
  • Reading SMS messages
  • Revealing SIM card replacement

This cell phone spy app allows you to monitor on both iOS and Android. uMobix is suitable for most phone models. This tracking app is often used as parental control software and a means for spying on cheating partners. 

Step 1. Choose Your Subscription Plan

This powerful monitoring software offers three subscription options. Prices are not the lowest on the market, but they are available to everyone. Yes, and the quality of the product meets the stated price. And so, what does the uMobix app provides:

  • $49.99/mo – 1-month full package
  • $29.99/mo – 3-month full package
  • $12.49/mo – 12-month full package

As you see, you may choose any option that will best meet your budget and expectations. 

Step 2. Start Monitoring

Once you decide on the subscription option, start the registration process. It contains a couple of reasonably simple steps:

  • Provide all the necessary information and complete the payment.
  • Get the system’s further instructions to use a spy solution.
  • Use target iCloud credentials (in case of iOS gadget) or install uMobix on the Android device through the .apk file. No jailbreak or root is required.
  • That’s it! Visit your user space and meet with detailed tracking reports.

2. Cocospy – Best Customer Service Alongside an Intuitive Mobile Spy Interface

Cocospy is another representative of phone spy apps for Android and its competitor – iOS. This service has a good reputation, especially concerning the support team. Users say they have never seen such a competent interaction with customers before. We invite you to see what else Cocospy has to offer.


How to Install? Compatibility

The solution is cross-device compatible and can be used with Android 4.0+ and all iOS device models. No matter what the phone brand is, Cocospy will work on it without any hitches. From the first minutes of use, it becomes clear that this series is made based on excellent technology. All steps are considered and easily executed.

For installation on iOS, it is necessary to obtain the person’s iCloud credentials. Inputting them into your app’s account allows you to spy on your target remotely and discreetly.

For installation on Android phones, an app like Cocospy will prompt you to have the needed phone in your hands for a couple of minutes to download the .apk file, disable Play Protect, and clear the Downloads history.

Buy a Subscription

Firstly, sign up for the Cocospy account. Then, choose the subscription plan and complete the payment process. The more extended subscription allows for saving more. The plans are the following:

  • $49.99/month if purchased for 1 month
  • $29.99/month if purchased for 3 months
  • $12.49/month if purchased for 12 months

Install the Cocospy Spying App on the Target Device

Now the system will ask you about the peculiarities of the target operating system. For iOS and Android phones, you’ll get different instructions. The former will require the credentials only (if the iCloud backup is enabled and 2FA is disabled), and the latter – your physical access to the phone itself for the Cocospy to be installed. 

Complete the registration and log in to your account. This is all you have to do to use this representative of spy apps for phone models. Start tracking the necessary smartphone right now.

Like other phone spy apps mentioned above, this one is also cross-device compatible and can be used with Android 4.0+ and all iOS device models. No matter what the phone brand is, Cocospy will work on it without any hitches.

3. SpyBubble – Best for Spying on a Spouse

Now let’s get acquainted with SpyBubble app on this list. This spy phone tool is famous for its features in the field of monitoring cheating spouses’ activities. Customers say it’s doing a great job of finding out the truth about a partner’s infidelity. 


How to Use It

To start tracking the activity of the person you need, SpyBubble requires only a few steps. They are quite similar to the instructions for the phone spy apps described above. All you need is to:

  • Proceed with the registration choosing the subscription plan.
  • Install the tool on an Android device or provide the target’s iOS credentials.
  • Go to your SpyBubble account and catch the data reports. 

Using this app will cost you $49.99 per 1 month and $12.49 per month if purchased for a year.

Monitor Remotely in Stealth Mode

It should be noted that an important point of using this top spy application is its stealth mode. Remotely you get full access to phone user incognito information. With SpyBubble, you’ll find out incoming and outgoing SMS, read correspondence from any messenger, browse accounts on social networks, receive information about calls coming to your phone, and so on. An excellent option for monitoring, agree.

4. Hoverwatch – Best for Android Spying

The Hoverwatch phone spy app firmly holds the leading position as the best Android spy tool. At the same time, developers claim that it is quite adept at tracking on Windows and Mac gadgets. Check how this app on the market of phone surveillance works.


Having finalized signing up for this free spy (as claimed on the website), users get access to a number of features, such as live streaming, taking screenshots, tracking phone location, recording calls, spying on social media, and much more.

The only issue is the lack of decent customer support, which may be frustrating for some users running into an issue. Though among phone spy apps for Android, Hoverwatch is worth a shot. Its installation is intuitive and is guided by an installation wizard. Your must-do action will require disabling Play Protect and downloading the software through the .apk file. After that, there is nothing to worry about since the app will operate stealthily.

The tariff plans for this spy phone app vary from $24.95 to $499.95, so everyone can find a fit for their budget.

How to Spy on an Android Phone Without Physical Access?

In the case of an iOS device, you use credentials for interaction-free surveillance; with Android, the situation differs. Pay attention that physical access, nevertheless, will be required once per process (it is an obligatory precondition for all spy apps on the market) to install the software and turn off Play Protect. However, all subsequent monitoring operations are remote and do not involve physical access at all. 

5. – Best Cell Phone Spy App for Employers & Businesses

Now let’s see why XNSPY is considered one of the best phone trackers of work activity. Statistics say that this app allows owners of companies to understand the occupation of employees. In its turn, this helps to control the high-quality workflow.

What Do You Monitor Using the XNSPY App?

XNSPY has a fairly good collection of advanced features. If you read the feedback of regular users, it becomes clear that the tool works without problems. Here is a list of features you get by subscribing to this monitoring app:

  • Calls. You’ll get detailed information to track incoming and outgoing calls, as well as will be able to record the call itself and see the most often-used contacts.
  • Text messages. Get the texting from the sent and received SMS, even deleted ones. 
  • Messengers. Find out the necessary info from the messengers. Read conversations, and check whether there are hidden chats or blocked users. 
  • Social media activity. Monitor social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and other social media of the target person. Catch the media files, monitor direct messengers, and see the list of followers.
  • Location. Obtain geofencing features the app comes with. Get the exact person’s location and check the actual whereabouts. 
  • Remote control. Use a powerful monitoring solution remotely to make settings changes on the target phone. 

This non-exhaustive list of features makes it clear that the XNSPY phone monitoring app is in a powerful and sophisticated surveillance application niche. Give it a shot and draw your own conclusions. 

6. FlexiSPY – One of the Best Value Cell Phone Spying Apps

Not superfluous to talk about FlexiSPY. Our research on such services has shown that it is not less advanced and representative of the digital niche. The manufacturer states that this parental control app is capable of solving many tasks related to remote data acquisition. It was neat to see that this spy software is compatible with Android, iOS, and even computers of different generations. 


Spy App for Android Without Access to the Target Phone

FlexiSPY has almost no differences from other spy apps for Android. Here you still access the social networks of the person you need, check their activity when they are not at home, listen to calls, and even view long-deleted messages. 

But the gradation of tariff plans for cell phone monitoring here is a little different. And we met reviews claiming the services are a little overpriced. Among spy apps for phone, this one allows users to get a phone preinstalled with FlexiSPY, convenient, isn’t it? This will take away the hassle for those with no technical experience since some of its features require rooting/jailbreak. Having gifted such a device to your target, all you have to do is keep an eye on them through your user space.

The pricing varies from $29.95 to $419, with the cheapest subscription offering only a basic kit of features, lacking, for instance, the possibility to record environmental actions, check some messengers, or get information about phone calls. Anyway, as one of the spy apps for Android, FlexiSPY has some peculiarities that will make you think about the choice. 

7. – Spy Phone App for Remote Monitoring

Finally, we’ve got another spy phone app – Spyic, which is also popular among users. The given digital monitoring solution positions itself as a tool for parental control, as uMobix, for instance, does. Spyic is used for both iPhone (no jailbreak) and Android (no rooting). While testing a phone spy app, it was noticed that it has a basic set of functions. It does not differ in any extraordinary possibilities, but what is represented works quite well. 

Among the key Spyic features, the following can be marked:

  • Getting reports on incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Checking someone’s location via GPS monitoring.
  • Obtaining information from target social media accounts.
  • Reading all the chats anonymously (including deleted ones).
  • Browsing website history.
  • Logging every keystroke typed.
  • Taking screenshots on the target phone.
  • Listening to ambient sound.
  • Viewing well-known messengers from the inside.

The software is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. The developers of this phone spy app consider their advantages over competitors to be Spyic’s safety and the possibility of its usage in more than 190 countries. 

When you want to meet the subscription plans, you will be asked to choose between Basic, Premium, and Family. The pricing varies from 9.99$ to 999.99$ and depends on the OS, set of features, and the number of tracked devices. 

It’s up to you to decide, but Spyic seems to be a reliable advanced phone spy app able to bring good tracking results. 

How to Spy on iPhone with Just the Number

Above, we have overviewed the most popular spyware apps for getting information from another person’s phone. But, all of them assume that you have either the credentials of the required device or the physical access to install the app. But what if only the targeted phone number is available? We have your back covered. Through research, we obtained the following information.

Meet with GEOfinder 

Meet with GEOfinder 
Meet with GEOfinder 

In the course of researching phone spy apps, the matter of tracking using just the phone number was the first thing we encountered, which is why our choice fell on GEOfinder. It turned out that the application is top-rated for such purposes and offers a number of benefits:

  • Compatibility with any phone model and brand
  • All networks support
  • Full process anonymity
  • No installation required

The principles of GEOfinder’s work are as follows:

  • The user chooses the SMS to be sent to the target device. 
  • The target user receives the message with the tracking link and follows it.
  • The last action enables sharing the phone’s location.
  • You get the data in your dashboard.

Key features of this cell phone spy:

  • GPS tracking
  • IP logger
  • Cell phone carrier lookup
  • VPN checker
  • WiFi checker
  • SMS location

In contrast to other phone spy apps, GEOfinder has to offer a free trial with a subsequent payment of $39.99 per month charged after its expiry.

Getting the Data from the Provider to Track iPhone via Phone Number

Not only phone spy apps usage can bring coveted results. As is claimed by the U.S. government, ISPs keep records of users’ internet history for 90 days and more. So, phone records can be available from someone’s phone provider. But the main task is the valid reason to learn that data. 

All phone tracing actions and information requests would first be referred to the U.S. Electronic Communications Privacy Act. This act makes it federal law to secretly record any “electronic communication” that is “reasonably expected to be private.” With this in mind, it is unlikely that any data requests would be approved except for legal use, for example, by the police for a criminal investigation.


What app can I use to see what my boyfriend is doing on his phone?

Based on our review above, every phone spy app on the list can be tried. But, you may have noticed that SpyBubble is the right tool for such purposes and is used most often for revealing cheating and betrayal. This surveillance app gives you anonymous access to all the correspondence on your boyfriend’s phone. You will even be able to find hidden and deleted chats remotely. Have peace of mind and learn the truth about your partner with the best spy apps. 

How to spy on someone’s cell phone without installing monitoring software? 

The digital market of phone spy apps today may offer a decent number of tools with steep sets of features. Of course, such spy apps for phone require some investments. But, there are several options to track a target device based on iOS or Android platform for free. Be prepared for the fact that such options offer rather scarce opportunities. But they either offer a limited number of features or a full package but for a short time. Among free solutions are:

  • GEOfinder
  • Find My iPhone or Google Maps
  • Tracking with IMEI number
  • Carrier Parental Control Apps, for instance, Verizon

How can I spy on one phone from another phone?

Tracking can be performed via any of the ways mentioned in the article. While using a spy phone app, surveillance can be performed in any browser, no matter what device you have. Choose what best suits your budget and your ultimate goals.

How can I monitor other mobile activities for free?

Among the revelations of spy apps for phone models are those that offer free use or a free trial. The free mobile tracker way of usage implies that you access the service for a short period to understand how it works and whether you need it in the future. For example, FlexiSPY offers a one-day free trial, as well as uMobix. GEOfinder may be used for $1 only for 2 days. So, the free phone spy process is real. 

What features are important when buying a cell phone spying app?

Most likely, there is no universal answer for all users regards phone spy apps usage because everything depends on the goals you pursue, though we can give some recommendations. Someone needs full access to all the information from the person’s mobile phone. And someone just needs to track the location to understand the overall picture. Judging from which features are most popular among users, we created the following list:

  • You will probably want to spy on phone location; that is, the presence of a GPS tracker is necessary.
  • Then it will not be superfluous to access the text conversations. This means that the application should allow you to read all correspondence from messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.)
  • Social media contain a lot of secrets. Browsing them incognito via spy apps for phone will be informative.
  • Influencing phone settings remotely is an important part of parental control and the mobile spy app kit of features. 
  • Viewing media files from the device’s gallery will give access to all videos and photos.
  • Another essential thing enabled by phone spy apps is logging everything typed on a targeted device via a keylogger.
  • Stealth mode is vital for discreet and anonymous phone monitoring, so it’s a must-have.


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